Hailing from around the world, our instructors are continuously-trained, actively-competing, award-winning professionals. Many of our teachers have degrees in the fine arts and all have passed rigorous exams given by the Imperial Society of the Teachers of Dance and the Fred Astaire Curriculum Certification.

Liz Porter



Liz has always known that dance was in her heart.

She grew up watching Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, and Judy Garland. From then on, she was so inspired that she knew she had to make a mark on the dance world.

Besides ballroom, she has been involved in Tap, Jazz, Musical Theater, and Ballet as a younger child. Liz has always wanted to be a teacher, saying that she wants to “give the gift of dance.” Liz also claims that dancing gives a person “courage,” which makes them feel sexy and it“gives them something to look forward to in life.”

Her goal is to provide a studio where all students to do as much as they can in their dances so they can demonstrate their true potential, and that they use dancing to overcome any fears in their lives.

Owning a studio is a dream come true for Liz, and is so excited to get everyone she meets “off their feet and grooving!”


Ben Seifert

Ben Seifert

Executive Dance Director

With so much dance experience, it is not hard to believe that Ben Seifert began Ballroom dancing since the age of six! Even though he was very young, he was already learning Cha Cha, Rumba, Jive, Waltz and Tango! It was not until he was 11 that he started competing. His career only grew from then on! Since Ben was competing so much, he was required to expand his dance knowledge by learning harder dances and routines like Paso Doble and Samba.

He hopes to win as many titles as he can, and he is definitely following this goal.

Ben is the current Rising Stars Champion with his partner Cheryl Humphreys, and together, they are ranked 28 in the world. He is also an Open Smooth Finalist and a Rising Stars Champion. With so much talent, Ben only hopes to share his knowledge with his students, and continue to excel in competitions.


Mark Adler

Mark Adler

District Director

Mark Adler is the owner of the Sugarland and Woodlands Studio, along with Stephanie.

Even though he is a business major, Mark is equivalently a phenomenal dancer. He began with the Latin styles and has been extensively training in the Smooth styles for the last ten years. Owning their own dance studio is a lifetime dream-come-true for Stephanie and Mark. Their Woodlands studio is the 7th largest Fred Astaire Dance Studio in the U.S. and the largest dance studio in the Houston-area. Both his Sugarland and Woodlands studios are in the Top 20 Studios in the United States! That being said, Mark and Stephanie are known throughout Fred Astaire for both their dancing and business management.

Mark says that owning a studio was one of his major goals, but he also aspires to own a studio that “provides the best customer service and quality of instruction.” He only continues to provide excellent customer service and share his “passion for the arts with students,” which is how he became involved in the Ballroom world in the first place.

Mark is extremely proud of the successes of his students, and he will only continue to strive to create an atmosphere where everyone can grow to reach their full potential.


Stephanie Adler

Stephanie Adler

District Director

Stephanie, certified in various types of dance including Ballroom, Swing, Hip-Hop and Belly Dancing, has also had extensive training in Ballet, Latin, Jazz and Modern dancing.

She attended the National German Dance Council as well as the German Professional Dance Teacher Association, both of which she graduated Valedictorian from on full scholarships. Stephanie has competed at numerous levels both nationally and internationally, and was frequently named champion. Currently, she is ranked 16th on the World Ranking List for dancers. With so much dance experience, Stephanie only wished to share her passion with the rest of the world. Being the owner of Fred Astaire Dance Studios is a great honor for Stephanie.

She says that it is more than just a dance studio. It offers an environment for learning, fun and excitement and an opportunity to share her passion for dancing with others. Stephanie explains, “One of the best parts of dancing is meeting new people and making new friends.”


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